BJJ Manifesto Gets Reviewed by Submissions Inc.

Sonny Parlin from Submissions Incorporated reviewed the BJJ Manifesto.

A few months ago, Matt Arroyo and Rob Kahn released a BJJ book called the BJJ Manifesto. The book is not a technique book, it’s a strategy book. Although, through their explanations of strategy they do show some techniques to help nail the strategies and concepts home. It’s a PDF book and there are also accompanying videos, which are extremely helpful and sometimes funny.

After reading this book, which is less than 100 pages, and watching the videos, my first thought was that I wish I had something this valuable to use as a resource when I was a white belt. Better late than never, right? Now, I had the lucky fortune of attending 3 or 4 seminars, taking a semi-private and rolling with Rob Kahn before the book came out and he went over much of the material that was in the book. So, when I finally got to read the book I was already a big believer in the material. I mentioned earlier that the book is a strategy book, not a technique book. What’s covered by Matt and Rob are some very basic strategies that you can use from different positions that, if followed, will dramatically increase your success with positional dominance and submissions. You’ll learn which positions lend themselves to waiting for your opponent to make the first move and which positions are better for you to make the first move. You’ll learn the key ingredient to controlling your opponent. You’ll learn perhaps the most important concept to retaining the guard (a brilliant guard drill video is included). You’ll learn completely new concepts for passing the half guard, mounting your opponent and finishing the fight along with many other concepts and strategies.

The contents of the BJJ Manifesto along with the first hand instruction I received from Rob, which was mostly material covered in the book, have completely changed my game. Where I used to be a side mount fighter, I now look for the mount almost every time I roll. This is a direct result of the success I’ve had from the mounted position after learning the concepts and strategies from the BJJ Manifesto. This is a great resource for the serious BJJ practitioner, no matter what their skill level and the reason why it’s the first item in the “Stuff we Love” section on the Submissions Incorporated web site. Run, don’t walk, to the BJJ Manifesto web site and grab your copy!

We’ve been getting a lot of responses like this from everyone who’s purchased the BJJ Manifesto and we are grateful to be able to help so many people with thier Jiu Jitsu game. If you haven’t yet checked out the BJJ manifesto, click here and see what all the rage is about!

Rob KahnBJJ Manifesto Gets Reviewed by Submissions Inc.

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