David Cainas Florida Sunshine State Games Judo Champion!!

David Cainas Blog:

On Sat 6/18/2011 I participated in the Florida Sunshine State Games Judo Tournament. My category was 13-14 over 64kg or 141lbs. I had 6 matches, the 1st one I lost due to a “shido” or penalty to a kid that weighed 195lbs, little did I know I would be up against him two more times. I won the next three rounds by Ippon, 2 by throws and 1 by a choke. Match 5 came around and I won by points against the same 195lbs kid. Finally in match 6 and just over a min I threw him with Uchi Mata for Ippon, winning my gold medal. What we found out last night was that the Florida Judo Inc., governing body for Judo in Florida is the one that usually holds the State championship, and the year that they do not Sunshine State Games takes over, this year they didn’t so I have two wins, I’m not only Florida State Champion in my category but I am eligible to represent Florida in the US Junior Olympics in Texas on July 22, 2011. I have worked super hard these past few weeks and know that I have to work even harder. I really believe in your words that “hard work pays off”. And each day I try and push myself a little more, when I feel that I can’t, I take the deepest breath I can and say “I can do it” and try and be better than the day before.

Rob KahnDavid Cainas Florida Sunshine State Games Judo Champion!!

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