In celebration of school ending and summertime beginning, tomorrow,
June 10th, Gracie Tampa will be hosting a NINJA NIGHT SLEEPOVER for
all LiL Ninjas and Youth Students. The sleep over is also open to
family and friends of our Gracie Tampa students (Ages 4 – 13)

Enjoy a night on the town with your honey or friends while we
entertain the kids for 12 hours. The party starts at 8pm and ends at
8am Saturday morning.

The Ninjas should wear their GRACIE TAMPA T-SHIRT and should bring a
sleeping bag or blanket, pillow, socks, and a snack to share. We will
be ordering pizza around 9pm for them to eat.

Ninja Night includes hours of Dodgeball, Octopus Tag, Pit Bull, Punch
Ball, Volleyball, Tug O War, Gladiator, Battle Shields, Martial Arts
Movies, Wii Video Games, and more!!

Cost is only $30.00!! If you’d like to pick your child up before bed
time, you are more then welcome to. Cost for half of the night is

We hope you enjoy your much deserved relaxation time!! See you tomorrow night!!


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