GT Kids STORM Grapplers Quest!!

Congratulations to my Mini Midget Army for competing
at Grapplers Quest South East Championships this past weekend.

All of my students medaled and I am extremely proud of
their hard work, dedication, and courage!!

Congrats to:
Yasmeen Gallardo
Ty “T-Rex” Elder
Cade Calta
Iban Rios
Alex “Macho” Mas
Brian “Bullet” Mas
Mikie “Sonic” Sanchez
Cliff “Spyder Monkey” Smith
Jose “Jacare” Marrero
Richie Finn
Robert “Papo” Gonzalez

Also, a huge thank you to Rob Elder for
having a few of the kids stay at his house
in Miami. Thank you for your kindness and

Rob KahnGT Kids STORM Grapplers Quest!!

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