Gracie Tampa SUMMERCAMP 2012!!

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This summer, Gracie Tampa will begin the program that will change your child’s entire summer experience! Our “Summer Samurai Camps” will drive your child’s training to the next level, while maintaining the fun-filled atmosphere that keeps our kids coming back!!

The samurai were a warrior class of people who dwelled in the feudal era of Japan. They were the pinnacle of a highly trained body driven by a keenly honed and cultured mind. They lived by a code and their devotion to personal cultivation fueled their drive toward excellence in all they accomplished.

It’s in this tradition that Coach Cris has designed a curriculum aimed at not only the rigorous physical nature of training, and the technical intricacies of BJJ and MMA, but also the mental, gallant traits of a true Martial Artist.

Please review the enclosed information which was designed to explain in the details of this wonderful program. The camp will be limited to only 25 kids per session, so please sign up quickly!!

The Top 5 Reasons Your Child Should Be a

“Summer Samurai” Camper

PHYSICAL EXERCISE – Your child will be engaged in rigorous physical activity. Samurai were known for their physical prowess. Your kid’s about to join them.
TECHNIQUE ACCELERATION – With the curriculum designed and the time set aside to focus on your child’s technique, you will notice a leap in their mat skills. GUARANTEED!!
LIFE SKILL EXCELLENCE – With time set aside every day to address issues ranging from “respecting one’s parents” to “how to properly shake someone’s hand”, the “Samurai Session” segment of the day will cover all those things and more!!
CULTURAL EXPOSURE – Every day the kids will be exposed to lessons aimed at letting them know there’s a whole world out there! From learning the basics of Portuguese, our arts native language, to watching a variety of programs pertaining to the different styles of martial arts from Thailand, Korea, and Japan, your children will forget they’re even in Tampa!
THE COOL FACTOR!! – Who are we kidding?! Your child will get to train like a Samurai! Insane workouts, obstacle courses, Martial Arts Movies, Samurai themed games and drills, ect…Your child will LOVE being here and when you see the progress they’ve made YOU WILL TOO!

We are offering THREE 2 Week Sessions this summer!! Each Session will have a different focus, theme, and curriculum.

Session 1 will be a MMA BootCamp and will run from June 11th – 22nd

Session 2 will be a Sports Camp and will run from July 9th – 19th

Session 3 will be a Ninja Camp and will run from July 30th – August 10th

Summer Camp Classes include:

Learning how to properly Punch and Kick!
Exciting Takedowns and Throws!!
Incredible Grappling Techniques!!
Winning Sparring Strategies
Winning Tournament Strategies!
New methods of Self Defense!
New fitness exercises that children can practice at home!
Sports Classes – (Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Flag Football, Volleyball)
Daily Arts and Crafts
Reading Time
Guest Speakers (UFC Fighters!)
Games and Drills
Competitions & Prizes
In House Tournaments
Weekly Field Trips!! (Malibu, Mosi, Bowling, Laser Tag, and much more!!)
Campers will develop:

Better Balance!
Increase Coordination!!
Improve Flexibility!
Improve Confidence!!
Increase Discipline!
Better Team Work Skills!


Rob KahnGracie Tampa SUMMERCAMP 2012!!

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  1. Eveann Terrett

    Need info as soon as possible on South Tampa Summer Camp

    Levels of experience needed?
    Drop off and pick up times?
    2nd child discount?
    Field Trips?
    Who will be actually coaching?
    How Much per week?

    Only need this info for the South Tampa Camps. Thank you.

  2. Monica

    I would like to get some information about the Summer Camp.

    Dates of available sessions?

    Levels of experience needed?

    Drop off and pick up times?

    How Much per week?

    Where is it at?

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