Rob Kahn, Owner Head instructor Gracie Tampa North

Rob Kahn is a third degree black belt under legendary three-time UFC champion, Royce Gracie. Rob has been training with Royce Gracie since the mid 90s. After receiving an amazing foundation for his Jiu Jitsu from Royce, Rob began focusing his Jiu Jitsu in the area of MMA and NO GI grappling.

In this area, Rob has built an entire system comprised of techniques and strategies that have been tested, re-tested and refined over the last 25 years of his grappling career. A career that includes producing multiple UFC fighters and ABU DAHBI competitors. Much of this system is laid out in Rob’s video tutorial series called the No Gi Library. Rob can be found most days of the week on the mat with his students training hard and teaching.

Rob is continually innovating the NO GI game and putting together new techniques and strategies that have real world effectiveness. Which is why he teaches Combatives to SEALS, ARMY Special Forces, Army Rangers, Airforce Special Operations at Special Operations Command and Special Operations Command Central. Rob is also the defensive and tacticts instructor for the Hillsborough Country Sheriff’s Department. Rob also works with the well known charity, The Wounded Warrior Project, to help veterans and is working with the charity to develop a grappling system for amputees.

Rob’s strategies for Jiu Jitsu are the engine behind his highly effective No Gi system. Those strategies are laid out in the BJJ Manifesto.

Rob is an amazing Jiu Jitsu coach and fighter. There’s a reason why Rob was a member of my first group of Black Belts.

-Royce Gracie

Robby Kahn is an amazingly talented grappler and instructor.

-Rodrigo Gracie

Rob Kahn is one of the best grapplers and instructors in the country.  I have trained under many world champions and Abu Dhabi champions and no one can break down Jiu Jitsu like him.  He is a true innovator and a great person and I’m proud to call him my brother.

-Matthew Arroyo

The first time I wrote a testimonial for Rob, I talked about how much he was able to do for my game when I was living in Connecticut. That was in 2011. It’s now 2014 and I’ve been living in Tampa for the past two years. My game has skyrocketed since I started training with Rob full time, I’ve lost 65lbs and I’m now one of the Gracie Tampa coaches. -Sonny Parlin, Purple Belt
Simply put, Rob has had one of the biggest impacts in my game out of all the instructors and high level (some very famous) black belts that I have trained with. -Jay Bell, Black Belt

See for yourself

Rob has trained with the best in the world, including Marcelo Garcia, Ricardo Liborio, Pablo Popovitch, Renzo Gracie, and of course, Royce Gracie, to name a few. He has worked with some of the highest level fighters in the world including Benson Henderson, Matthew Arroyo, Marcus Jones and more. Rob is also a bit of a YouTube star, here are some of his greatest hits!

Rob KahnRob “Hobby K” Kahn